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Quick update from work.

I'm not going to do the concert. The way I have the concert planned in my head doesn't match the artist I want to be.

I'm gonna refocus some activities on my YouTube channel. Do covers, but only on piano, and put them out so that everybody can see them. The idea is to come in early (or stay late) at work tomorrow and get a bunch recorded so then I have a backlog. Maybe Music Mondays or something? Music of all types, pop songs, classical music, you name it, I'll do it, but also with the anime thing. Finally get people noticing me again, and then I'll decide what kind of concert I want to do.

I should get my pants done before the open mic. I know people will laugh at them, but I don't care.

I guess I don't know what Project Tradewinds is without Carolina? I still want to be in Carolina. But I don't think NYC is done with me yet. So off I go.
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