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So I had fully intended on posting something last night, except I had a pretty big mental breakdown after not getting any sleep for the last 48 hours or so. 12 hours of sleep later, I'm sane again and feeling up to post!

First off, the fifth episode of HPP! is finally up for your enjoyment. )

Meanwhile, in other news, I really need to write a report on Saturday...despite the fact that I only got about two and a half hours of sleep. It was our Writers at the Crossroads event in Cambridge, and I had a lot of fun, despite the fact that I was gunning to get there in time. But it was so much fun! They had lots of food, and so many writers were there. Rita was there, as well as Linda and Luna and a bunch of other writers I recognized. A lot of us had our books there as well; I had several copies of Makani on hand, which the printing finally turned out the way I wanted it to (which is a huge relief -- two proof copies later). I have leftover copies, so if you want to get Makani and you see me in person, let me know!

WHIZ's article on the event is here, and they have video, too.

I think I'm finally going to hang up my clothes before I go over to the 'rents house tonight. There was one other thing I had wanted to do last night before I went into epic-meltdown mode, and that was color/sketch a picture of a character for a new "Epic Idea" I have going on. Yep, I get some pretty epic ideas. And I've figured out over the years that if I just start writing the darn thing down, or start working on it immediately, it will get more done than it ever will if I spend all of my time planning. Makani is a really good example of this -- I wrote maybe half of the thing on spring break, 2007. HPP is another recent example -- I have seven episodes done and the want to finish them is slowly dwindling. (I feel like all I have to do, though, is watch some more Heartcatch! and I'll get the inspiration to finish it. I'm more than halfway there.) Maristar was this glorified, because it was right before NaNo. And I have ideas for Script Frenzy, though I'm not very enthusiastic, am I? (Just write the darn thing, Emily!) So yeah, Ringo and Amei are coming with me to the 'rents. I hope to at least work on the picture there; at least I got the original scanned.

Overall, I feel much better than last night. I got all of my crap out of me, I suppose. I've had a pretty in-funk week this past week, and instead of getting stuff done on my days off, they were just spent playing catch-up. I was able to relax and think about things more. When I get to work tonight, I want to be able to fully process what's going on in my mind and to think more about my future.

I love my job, but I think I can also view it as a crutch. I really do like it, but I keep getting this idea that I will stay there forever, or that I can't move somewhere if I can't transfer. I have to keep things a bit more open. I want to look at the sky and see a wide, open view of possibility.

Totally on another thought-process, I really miss the beach. If I get one day at the beach this summer, even if it is at Lake Erie, I will be a happy camper.
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HPP! Episode 3: Winter and Summer Flowers! Our Summer Debuts!

A few thoughts:
-- The opening scene is Lorena referencing General Patton's speech from the movie "Patton." It is well known and referenced in American culture; hence Haruna scolding Lorena for "taking a decidedly Western approach" to inspiring the fairies.
-- This is the first episode of HPP! that features the new microphone; this broadcast was actually the experimental broadcast. Overall, I think it turned out okay!
-- This is also the first episode of HPP! to feature one of my original compositions! It's a piano piece from the album "Yellow," and plays when Haruna and Lotion (and later, Itsuki) are talking on the shore.
-- Lotion makes a fourth wall reference before Haruna pulls him off-broadcast.
-- The premiere of Haruna's theme is in this episode, as well. It's called "Umbrella" and comes from the Little Busters! soundtrack. (The LB! people did Kanon, Air, and Clannad; LB! is less-known because it's not an anime...yet.)

I'm still *very* tired from spring break, but expect more updates today as I start to make up for not posting as much the past couple of days.
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HPP! Episode 2: What Do You Mean, She's Not Here?

A few thoughts:
-- Cure Lily Of The Valley saying "angst, angst, angst" is a Potter Puppet Pals reference.
-- My favorite part of this episode is when Cure Poinsettia and Cure Lily Of The Valley attack together.

I would post more, but expect more updates tomorrow. I've been on the road all day going to Nashville, and my head hurts, and I'm hungry.
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So this will be today's post. Read more... )

Gosh, 7:24 in the morning, and I have to be up by 11:30 or so. Gotta love it.
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I swear I will put this up, and then, I am going to bed. I normally don't typically stay up this late on a Sunday. Read more... ) And so we sleep.
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I was a bit bored during the game today, so I decided to make something that I've been meaning to do for a while. It's called "The Spaz of Blue Streak." Basically, everybody's favorite PTC woodie has a habit of freaking out about everything, so this is a short collection of her having her moments. (Turn it down.) The clips were taken from several different shows and recordings, so there are a lot of other musics in the background; but above it all is the Blue Danube waltz. Gotta love it.

To listen, click here.

And yes, Blue does have my voice. We are aware.

020711 --

Feb. 7th, 2011 07:47 pm
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I'm still working on the user info, and I'm cycling out my battery today, so a short entry.

It was a lot of fun to have the Super Bowl at my family's house yesterday. After that I went back to WHIZ. It's been a lot of fun to do my recording over there, and I think I might continue to do that. Instead of going there on Thursday, though, I'm thinking of going to Easton and hanging out, doing some shopping. And then on Sunday, I hope to have enough down so that I can show you all what I've been doing. Yes, it's fanfiction related, and yes, it's Precure related, but the first part is going under quality control right now.

Does anybody know of anyone I can talk to in Nashville? I've been wanting to go for some time and talk to some people about it, but I feel like I can't go alone, and I can finally do that this March. I don't want to mess this up.

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