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Labels are now ready for copyright! Finally. Although I'm not sure how I'm going to pull that one off. I know I can't make a new CD with Lulu, but I'm pretty sure I can do a revision. Gonna work with that probably on Sunday. I can't think straight anymore.

So it's up on iTunes. I am excited! Are you excited? Please tell me you're at least half as excited as I am. O.o

BY THE WAY my wonderful boyfriend decided to celebrate our anniversary in style:

I know I'm not all like "JESSE" but we'll get there X.x Dylan did me the good favor of asking me out on "Jesse Day." You should see the cake. And Dylan, you should put this on YouTube and make it easier for me to share it with people.

I hope that's all for tonight. If tomorrow is July, I will spread my wings and fly! Anything else I happen to post tonight will be for July 1st.

I won't yell "get me out of here." I'm doing that all on my own.


Jun. 18th, 2011 06:17 pm
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So today is the crash after the landing -- or at least it feels like so. I feel really off for some reason. Here are some possibilities:

1: I hate Walmart. I drove up and down the freaking road looking for a Kroger and could not find one. Thought about going to Target but I wasn't sure if they would have what I was looking for. Ticked off.
2: Still can't find RSVP pens. I will probably buy a crap-ton online.
3: Apparently Lulu isn't selling CDs anymore. I can still offer them since I've got the link -- so glad I put Almond Dust up on Monday. Should be able to change it over on the 30th like I've got planned. This just adds another thing I've got to deal with now.
4: Did I mention I hate Walmart?

Not looking forward to working tonight. Today's just a rainy bad day. Although every time I close my eyes, every time I smile, I still remember. That name that I can claim as mine. The shore that God has given to me as a gift, wrapped up in a big bow.

Get me out of here.
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I stumbled into my apartment at 1:45 in the morning. I was radiating heat from getting some nice sun -- probably burned, but not crispy except for my shoulders. The sense of vertigo keeps me going. Sleeping is going to be fun tonight, as I will be remembering everything good that happened today.

Welcome home...sorta.

This morning started way early, as I didn't get a lot of sleep -- I wanted to take advantage of everything. I parked in the front row of the parking lot and was in the park by 8:55 AM. That's, like, three in the morning for me. Since I missed both Millennium and Top Thrill Dragster yesterday, I really wanted to hit those two up today.

Oh, how I did.

I ran around and rode Millie three times in a row in forty five minutes, which has to be a new record, and then I ran over to Dragster before the queue opened. That was fifteen minutes, and then the line was short enough that I ran around and rode it again. So it's 11:45AM, and I've ridden Millie three times and Dragster twice.

I headed toward the ferris wheel and rode Wicked Twister -- I hoped Disaster Transport would be open, but it was super-busy. No rides to Alaska this trip. I headed back up north and rode Magnum and Gemini again, then waited in line for Maverick, which was awesome. When the rain started to hit, I ducked into a show, missing about 98% of it.

After the rain left, I kind of wandered about a bit aimless for a while until I decided what I was going to do with the rest of my day: ride Millennium Force (LOL) and Top Thrill Dragster. This meant a fair bit of walking, among other things, but I seriously rode those two coasters pretty much nonstop. (Take that as you may, TTR readers.) I did stop by Corkscrew first, because the same guy was there before. (If you ever go to the Point late, go to Corkscrew. His nametag says 'Devan' -- I want to file a compliment but don't know how.)

On my way to trip 4 on TTD, I ran into a girl and her brother and her fiance waiting in line behind me. The fiance was very tall; he had to check his height, but he was good. We ended up pairing off, and I rode with the girl. We got to talking and I figured out she was a Christian. How awesome! I'm really glad I ran into her, although to be quite honest, I know it wasn't me. We swapped stories of what God's been doing in our lives, and then we waited for her fiance and brother because they rode in the front row. Nikki, I will eventually tag you in this on Facebook, and I want to thank you for letting God use you today! :) And God, you never cease to surprise me.

Got dinner at Joe Cool (the old Macaronis) which was really cool; I thought it was amusing that the waitress said that 'you guys' should have a fun night (TTR readers will get the joke!). I also talked with Dylan about what I would want to do after I die. I forget how the conversation came up, but I'd like for myself to somehow find my way back to the Point. You know, scatter my ashes over Lake Erie or something. It's moderately soon to be thinking about it -- God controls my future, not me -- but if I died tomorrow, I would want to be dressed in my Cedar Point outfit -- the original one, the one I always draw myself in. The more I think about it, though, the idea of my body sitting and rotting for ages and ages just disturbs me. I'd like to be at the Point. If Top Thrill is still running, I'd wish for my ashes to be scattered over the Point from that 420-foot vantage point, although I'm pretty sure the State of Ohio prohibits that. But that way I could be with everybody who ever stepped foot onto the Point, in the air, in the sea, in every roller coaster there. I know my spirit will not be there, but I can remain there and my dream can stay alive until Jesus returns.

(On that note, when I get to heaven...I remember thinking about this in FIRRA, shortly after the summer of 2005. When asked what God would tell me when I got to heaven, I thought something along the lines of "Ready for the ride?" If God makes my portion of heaven to look exactly like the Dragster midway, I can continue to worship and praise Him for the loop of eternity. (I feel a wonderfulness in my heart when I think of that...oh, servants and watchers BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH))

So, all in all, I rode Top Thrill Dragster seven times and Millennium Force six. It was a lot of fun to be at the Point again. I probably won't get a chance to go back this summer, so I'm glad I went...and I'm even glad I went alone. But the fun thing about the Point and me is that it never leaves. It comes with me, wherever I go.
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It took me forever to get out of Zanesville today, but I felt a lot better when I realized I really do know how to get to the Point from Zanesville. It's not a straight shot like KI, or even a moderate shot like the Point from Oxford. What's required is a jog in just the right places -- 586 to 13 to 250. The good thing is that I know Sandusky enough that even if I get lost, I can find my way back, at least around the Cedar Point area.

I got into the park around 5 and went to the beach first thing. I was hoping I could check it out. My fam is going on vacation to the beach, and I can't go when they're going, so this was my only chance to really go to the beach this summer. There were signs up, though, saying that it was the Hotel Breakers beach...meaning that the beach was only for people from the hotel. You can walk along the boardwalk, but I wasn't sure about the beach.

I wanted to follow the rules and just watch the beach from the boardwalk. But I decided not to. I wanted the beach, and I wasn't hurting anything. So I took my beach towel to the beach. Normally, when I am out at the beach, I do relax and take things in, but I never empty my head. I think about other things I have to do, and I'm glad that I'm on vacation but it never fully leaves my mind. I put on headphones and drown out the world and lose myself in the music. Today, I tried to relax and not think about anything. I didn't want to think about anything. Home isn't exactly the most pleasant thing right now. (Tuesday night sucked.)

So I let my brain relax and didn't think about anything. I focused on the sounds around me and the patterns they made. Sounds themselves don't really have pitches to them -- although this one bird did, because it was singing -- but they do have black and white patterns in my field of vision. To my right I could hear the waves, and to my left I could hear Magnum's lift hill. Instead of letting my brain run, I focused on the sounds and let them flood my mind, like white noise. I wasn't out too long -- it was warm, but it got colder, and I got chilly. But it was really nice to relax.

It was so nice relaxing that I went to Dragster's stands and sat there for a while, still relaxing. (Top Thrill Dragster, per the name, is themed after a fuel dragster, and it has stands like a racetrack where you can watch the coaster take off. They are often quite busy with people either too scared to go on the coaster or waiting for family members.) I had mentioned before to Dylan that Kingda Ka (same model as Dragster) didn't have the same feel as Dragster did, and I figured out why -- it's because of Dragster's sound effects. They add a synesthetic to the experience that the silent Kingda Ka cannot help. It's something that only I notice, something that's only important to me. Sitting there, listening to the coaster sounds and watching it launch...that was also very soothing for me. I don't know if I'll make it back to the beach tomorrow, but if I want to relax, I'll go to Dragster.

I then went to go ride some coasters. I had my bag with me, so Mill, Dragster, and any of the newer coasters were out because of no carry ons/no bins, but I was okay with that. (Platinum means I'll be on Mill first thing in the morning anyway.) I went to Magnum, then Gemini, where someone recognized me from Dragster's stands. We ended up talking and hanging out -- it was her and her son, and they kept looking for the food stand in Frontiertown that sold turkey legs. When we got there, they were all sold out. Even so, it was a lot of fun to hang out. After they left, it started to spit, so I went and browsed some shops. Then I went on the up Power Tower, Corkscrew (the guy running the station did an AWESOME job!), then Iron Dragon, Raptor, and Blue.

I make friends wherever I go, so being alone wasn't too much of a problem. Since I got to the park late, I parked far out, so I went to security and got someone to walk me to my car. I'm glad I did it. That won't be a problem tomorrow, as I'll be right in front.

I had such a fun time today! I'm looking forward to going back. I have sand in places I don't even remember having.
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So today I am writing from the Polaris mall. Second day in a row that something has happened with my alarm. Seriously, Dad, what's up with that?

I still can't find what I'm looking for at the Holy Land (Barnes and Noble...don't ask) but I found a ton of stuff at Lifeway, and got another punch! There were two things at Lexie's that I saw that I was interested in -- one of her little devotional books and her Tenth Avenue North CD, which I kept trying to listen to but it kept skipping. I found both there today, which made me happy because I couldn't find either of them at the LIfeway at Pataskala. Reading is going good, by the way. Stardust Rider, 2, SDP, 0. :)

I haven't been able to get Fairhaven off of my mind. I can't tell if it's just because I hadn't been in the company of so many believers in AGES or what the deal was. Shuu said something once upon a time about me wanting my career to be a student. I rolled my eyes at that, but I think in some way or another he has a point. I love what I did at Navs -- although there does need to be a fine balance between giving all of myself all the time and keeping myself sane, and I need to be more honest with people and actually live a good life. I want my career to be impacting people for God, no matter if that is through writing or music or through teaching them about Jesus. And I am sick of my own faith being compromised. When I spoke to God about this, he said that it was time for me to look beyond 'my current job.' (Dylan, please edit your last comment?) We've been through this before -- I really don't hate my job. What I dislike is often outweighed by the wonderful people I work with. And I know that work -- even life -- is not about me being happy. I am fully prepared to suffer in this life. That's not my issue. My issue now is that it's not where God wants me anymore, and I better strap wings on my feet. Even if I'm just flying two hours to the west.

When I think of Dayton, I think of late nights. I think of Channel 945, of driving through 35 on my way to Beavercreek, of the skies of Dayton at night. I think of Skyline, and of the corner where I used to sit and write my thesis. I think of Sinclair and Wright State, of skipping school to try out for Cedar Point, of Fairfield Commons, of sunny skies and beauty and snow and ice cream and cats and no air conditioning. Of Jesse and Vivian, of Len and Annie. I think of rebellion, of being comfortable with someone who would never leave. Of being so close to God and yet so far away. It was like letting God sit in the backseat of the car while I drove. (Bad life decision.) Granted, just because I left Beavercreek doesn't mean that God riding in the back seat stopped. It just changed -- I think for a while, I threw Him in the trunk. Great, right?

This entry may make you think that I'm seriously considering moving to Dayton. I don't know what God wants anymore, but I am sick and tired of being sick and tired of Ohio, the weather, and the pain. Rational, worldly Emily says get-the-heck-out-of-Ohio. If He moves me to Dayton, though, I know He has the good sense to move me nowhere near Beavercreek. Yes, I miss those days. And there is more than one reason for me to move back to the Dayton area. If God directs me to do so, I know exactly what -- rather, who -- it would be for. Because we don't live forever.

If I did live in Dayton, I'd live on the south side. I've never lived on the south side of someplace -- MET quad does NOT count. Dublin is on the northwest side of Columbus, Hilliard's on the west side. Fishers is so painfully north of Indy that it's funny. (On a similar note, I've ALWAYS wanted to move back to Indy, but I think God -- painfully -- needs me to move on from that experience.) North Zanesville isn't its own village -- though South Zanesville is -- but it's referred to on the map as such. And the townhouses in Oxford were behind Kroger, basically on the west side again. All of Oxford is on the 'north' side of Cincinnati, and if you dare say it's on the southwestern side of Dayton, I will shoot a straw wrapper at you the next time I see you. I didn't go to Oxford for Dayton -- I went because of Cincinnati, and because God called me there.

What are you doing now? I wish we could be friends, but we're clearly not. You've requested your silence, and I respect it every single day -- but you should have known, dating a music girl like me would get you at least two songs written about you. I'm sorry they all ended up on the album. But I'm not afraid of you. I'm not afraid of the memories -- I hold each and every one close to my heart. I wish that we could go back to those times, although I know that I can't. If I stay where I am, I'll be headed right to where I think I've always wanted to go. But is that the right path? I keep getting the feeling that it's not, that God is trying to tell me to turn around before it's too late. Can you hear me? I'm still here.

God, can You help me? Oh, wait. That's a silly question. XD

So now I take a break from your regularly scheduled blog entry to let you know what my plans are for the next couple of days. If anybody wants to join me for these plans, you are more than welcome to do so! However, keep in mind the conditions.

I am going up to Sandusky tomorrow -- Wednesday the 15th. (Robbers, thieves, and all around bad guys beware -- I have friends who live in the same apartment complex, and parents AND grandparents in town who know EVERYBODY in Zanesville. You have been warned.) I have gotten a hotel for myself -- Best Western, because apparently I'm a Gold member now (!) so I get extra added perks like extra points. Yay me. Plus, the hotel's indoor, unlike the Travelodge where I normally go (with people), so the added security is a plus. Oh, and they have a hot tub. Score two more. I'm okay with having you sleep in the hotel with me, too, if you're a girl and I know you because there's only one bed. I'm only staying there the one night; I'll drive home Thursday night.
As a Platinum holder, I'm thinking of going into the park for Starlight on Wednesday, but that depends on how tired I am and whatever else I want/have to do. I will definitely be going in on Thursday and spending the whole day, 12 hours, ten-o-clock-is-closing-time there. (Yes, Midnight Rave is about Cedar Point. It took you this long to figure it out?)
MY PHONE NUMBER IS AVAILABLE, SANS AREA CODE, ON FACEBOOK. Text me or call me if you want to get a hold of me. You know where I live; figure out the area code. Keep in mind that I am a coaster whisperer which just means that I don't mind waiting in line two and a half hours for three seconds of ride. I will be riding, and I will be riding a lot. If you choose to come, keep this in mind. We will be going at MY pace. (I am also not paying for tickets; get them online.) I assume nobody will take me up on this offer, but hey, you never know.

TLDR: mind is up in the air, I think God keeps putting Dayton on my mind, and I'm going to the Point, so you should too.
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Forgive my long entry. Read more... )
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Got a lot less done at work than I had anticipated. Started putting together the Midnight Rave video, though, and I also put together a video with all of the clips from Almond Dust! Watch it and get a feeling on how the album is gonna work out.

(If that doesn't work, go here.)

Soooooooo I worked at WHIZ today and it turns out that at 3:00 in the morning the storms fried AM1240's server and the satellite feeds for today's games. I found this out when I realized that the station had been dead for an HOUR AND A HALF (at least it played the legal), so I caught up the commercials and then realized that the ball game was not coming in. I finally got it on forty minutes later, after I couldn't get a hold of ANYBODY. (I finally called Shuu, and he got me to the phone feed.)

The surprising thing was that I didn't beat myself up about the situation, even when I wanted to. I did cry, just a little bit, but it wasn't sobbing crying, it was more "I am stressed and I gotta get this out" cry. I was doing everything I could do. It wasn't my fault that it wasn't working. There was no reason to blame myself. Although I did dance around like an eight year old who just got a VCR for Christmas when I finally got the phone feed up. (Thanks, Shuu.)
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A quick shoutout -- happy birthday to my dad!

So I made my way down to KI today to meet up with the fam minus my dad, because my brother was playing in the band this morning in the park. I went later, because I needed to sleep. I pulled on a longer-sleeved shirt that was sheer over a tank top, and my khaki coaster pants. They were fine all day; it was cloudy with high 70's weather. I also wore my tennis shoes after the sandals did not go over well at SFGA-NJ. The fam rode Racer and Delirium before going to Firehawk, where I met them at the end of the line.

I actually started my day with them, jumping into Flight of Fear. This coaster is one of my favorites, probably only because the launch at the beginning reminds me of Dragster. Then it just goes crazy all over the place like insanity. I like the way this Premier ride is aging...the roughness just adds to the insanity in the pseudo-dark atmosphere.

From there we walked to Diamondback, which we tried to get my mother on twice (and failed each time -- Mother, YOU ARE RIDING THIS RIDE at one point or another). The ride was great, as always -- and that's not coming off of my Diamondback bias at all. There IS something I thought about a couple weeks ago, after hanging out with Nitro in SFGA-NJ. How do Beemers age? I've been on a mix of them now, but the older ones I've been on have all been inverted. I think of Raptor, and the Batman ride at SFGA-NJ. It wasn't something that bothered me at Busch Tampa, but somehow Afterburner at Carowinds made me think of it (although, I swear, that coaster is still kicking). Obviously it is a bit soon to be thinking about the age of Bollinger and Mabilliard -- I haven't heard any complaints, though I do know that Arrows do NOT age well (and neither do Vekomas -- I still love Arrows, but Vekomas just annoy me when they age). I do love Diamondback to pieces for absurd reasons, and I know she'll age eventually. I just hope it's gracefully.

Hokay, where was I. Mom and Steph left after that, because they had important stuff to do, so it was just my brother and me. We hit up the Beast, which apparently he had never been on. Running quite nicely today, and I was quite surprised to hear that the surprise of the second lift hill hadn't been spoiled for my brother. Yay. Someone in front of me was clearly enjoying herself, which was great. Love it when that happens.

We also hit up Firehawk again -- which hurt a lot less than I remembered it hurting -- and Woodstock Express Beastie, which is always good, though my brother teased me all the way through it, as well as the Italian Job and Diamondback again. It seems like just a smidge of what I normally conquer, but the park was busy, I was tired, and I was going at my brother's pace, not mine. (We also rode The Crypt, which I always forget because it's not a coaster.)

On our last ride on Diamondback there was a discussion in the station about Kings Island versus Cedar Point. Someone mentioned Geauga Lake, LOL, and I cheered for it. KI and CP are *different,* that's all. I wonder, when I move, if I move to Charlotte, will Carowinds eventually hold a similar spot in my heart? I need a place to call home. I want to be able to wander down the boardwalk like I wander down Coney Mall or the Dragster Midway now. I know it's not the same, but what can I do?

I will write that SFGA-NJ review. Perhaps I'll write it now and post it tonight.

Seriously, why am I watching America's Got Talent right now. This show has me more on edge than Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.
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OK, so "A-Yo" by SHINee is so officially the song of summer for me. I smell like sunscreen. Sat outside with Steph and her friend earlier today. It was pretty relaxing; even though the sun wasn't super-blazing the entire time, I got sun. I'm actually glad I wasn't sitting super-in the sun. Tomorrow will be nice, too, and I'll probably come back to the 'rents house and eat the food I left here and sit out some more. I love my new swimsuit.

Talked to Steph about the Point. She's got some practice the morning of, but I'm sure we can work around that. Plus, I think I'm going to KI on Thursday to meet up with the bro-ster. The band is playing that day, and while I'd like to see them, I need sleep. Plan on being there at 2:30. Ahh...coasters.

I finally got wedges! Score 2 points for Rue 21 and Memorial Day sales. They're totally high, I swear I'm taller than Steph in them. But they were only seven dollars, so if I hate them, I can always count them as a splurge purchase.

Dad wants to talk to me about something involving Ringo, but it's too hot. I'mma go track him down.

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