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The city alights at night.
I remember -- softly, secretly.
What are you up to in this city?
Where are you in this city?
Surely we can't meet again.

"Tonight, I will steal Su'diera'indo from the Metropolitan Opera." -- Stardust Rider

I let go of the love from long ago,
to meet you here alone again.

Do you hear me? *Can* you hear me? We are millions of miles away now, your eyes closed, and for all I know, you cannot hear me. But I will reach you! I will not stop giving up until the year passes, at which point my heart will be truly broken, possibly irrepairable. The light in my window keeps me going. I close my eyes and hear the train, the MTA, the subway that will take me home.

And now, I'm headed to where you are,
where in the warmth of this room,
where in the warmth of our hearts,
I'll know you once again.

Do you hear me? You better hear me! We're gonna steamroll into New York City and take it by storm! And I won't rest until I find my way, until I'm complete again. Until then, I don't know who I am...but once I hear your voice, once I am standing in your city, I pray for the wings under my feet and the push forward to really make something happen. You'll lead me, won't you?

This wasn't how it was supposed to be.
There's no time machine, or utopia.

The fates have not been kind to this little girl with braids in her hair.
And yet, if one so aptly titled can rise above her mountain to disregard her spinning circuit and just to glow:
then how so ever more shall this stardust glimmer if only given the chance?

You can't save the world, but you saved me.
Your peace is inside me now.

"Since then, every single day...from that day on, I've been here! So you don't have to be alone!"

By your side, the seasons roll on.
The wishes you granted me weren't silly at all.

"It was you?"
"It was me."
"It was always you."

And now, I'm headed to where you are,
where in the warmth of this room,
where in the warmth of my hands,
I'll know you once again.

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