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Can you hear this voice?
Wandering bird, show me the way
to that far away place where we remembered life.

So that your heart does not waver against the sea,
I sing, in the words of your birth country.

Ambrrarista, looking at you, Ambrrarista
We share the same fire of hope in our eyes

The long ago, far away flowers
are just like the sound of a bell.
Like the west wind, let longing fly away.

Our hands and circuits connect.
Tell me, can anything separate us?

Kirinedra, the time is here, kirinedra
Inside the light, loneliness melts away.

Can you hear this voice?
Wandering bird, show me the way
Fog, night, storms -- only love cannot be stolen
Like a bird flying across the ocean,
in order for two people to know each other,
we seek out that far away place where we remembered life.

I want to touch you. Let longing embrace me.

Spoken in the words of my language:
美しい人, I love you, 美しい人
美しい人, I'll always love you, 美しい人
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