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Do yourself a favor and get the CD version.  I know it's weird, but they'll be out of print, when I'm famous you'll want one, and only physical copies get the bonus track.

Digital distribution will be up at SoundClick and BandCamp later on today.  iTunes is in the works.

Now I sleep.

I love you, Jesse.
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~Almond Dust~
Update Entry

Set for Release: 063011 12:00 AM

1: 1:15:32 - DONE
2: Eleison - DONE
3: Broken - DONE
4: Midnight Rave - DONE
5: Things Will Change - DONE
6: Mirror - DONE
7: Song of the Miko - DONE

8: Where's Your Fishie Now? - DONE
9: On A Clear Night (DJ Aoiko's Revenge) - DONE
10: The Tiger And The Lighthouse - DONE
11: Run Away - DONE
12: Your Eyes - DONE
13: Pondicherry - DONE
14: Jonathan's Lullaby - DONE

Album Cover: DONE

Booklet Back Cover: DONE
Case Back: DONE
CD Label: DONE

What's Your Story, Morning Glory?: 15 out of 20 Pages
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-- Videos for AD are still not done. Promo's still up, though. I want to get some other stuff together; considering not sleeping as much this morning. I ordered CDs though! I ordered CDs for Almond Dust and I am so excited. Why am I so excited? Because I'll be selling them at the First Friday event in downtown Zanesville on the first of July.
There are a couple of special things about this CD. First off, there is a bonus track! I was smiling the entire time I sang it. It's ONLY on the CD, it won't be available online. Also, if you meet up with me at the event and the first thing you say to me is "What's your story, morning glory?" you will get half off your CD. It has to be unprovoked, though. The CDs will be retailing for 10 bucks, so you'll get yours for 5 instead.

OK, shower and paint time.
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Got a lot less done at work than I had anticipated. Started putting together the Midnight Rave video, though, and I also put together a video with all of the clips from Almond Dust! Watch it and get a feeling on how the album is gonna work out.

(If that doesn't work, go here.)

Soooooooo I worked at WHIZ today and it turns out that at 3:00 in the morning the storms fried AM1240's server and the satellite feeds for today's games. I found this out when I realized that the station had been dead for an HOUR AND A HALF (at least it played the legal), so I caught up the commercials and then realized that the ball game was not coming in. I finally got it on forty minutes later, after I couldn't get a hold of ANYBODY. (I finally called Shuu, and he got me to the phone feed.)

The surprising thing was that I didn't beat myself up about the situation, even when I wanted to. I did cry, just a little bit, but it wasn't sobbing crying, it was more "I am stressed and I gotta get this out" cry. I was doing everything I could do. It wasn't my fault that it wasn't working. There was no reason to blame myself. Although I did dance around like an eight year old who just got a VCR for Christmas when I finally got the phone feed up. (Thanks, Shuu.)
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Composed posts from down here are about as rare as any work getting done. This place is notorious for it. Basically, whenever I didn't want to get any work done, I came here. I don't know what I was thinking, expecting to get more writing done for Script Frenzy here. At least I made it to fifty pages last night while at the apartment.

Dylan is watching some Mortal Kombat stuff, and I respond by turning up Lucifer and JUST SMILING. Seriously, right now, I am the teenage girl I never really got a chance to be, and these guys are my Backstreet Boys or NSYNC or whatever. If Tiger Beat made a magazine for them, I'd eat it up. X.x

And I'm just glad that, even though all the chicks in that game are pretty weirdly clad, I still got them beat in that department.

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I seriously cannot stop listening to what I have of Almond Dust, over and over again. I'm kind of hoping I can get the entire CD done before spring break; then I could take it to Nashville with me. It will officially be released June 30th, though; I'm almost sure of it. June 30th is a really important day to me -- it's more important than Valentine's Day or even Easter. Who's excited for Almond Dust? Anybody?

You can still hear the Garageband version of "Song of the Miko" here if you haven't had a chance to listen yet. It's actually doing quite well on the Soundclick charts! Don't worry, I'm not a chart hog or anything like that -- I just think it's really cool.

A couple of things that I've been thinking about lately:
Suite Precure: The new Precure show that's out! AKA the one that replaced Heartcatch (cry me a river now). I like it pretty good so far, but I want to rewatch the first couple of episodes.
Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The people at the Precure LJ kept talking about this show, so I figured I'd watch it. It's another magical girl show...up until episode 3, in which the shit hits the fan. I keep watching basically because I'm afraid to know what happens if I don't. O.o
Writing: Going quite slowly right now. Other than Precure scripts.
The sky: It always needs to be this brilliant shade of blue. Instead of working out inside my house, today I went outside and walked two miles instead. I think it was a good life decision.
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Today's entry is on "Almond Dust," the album I'm going to release most likely on June 30th this year!

As I'm going through some music-related things, I realized that the same music file I used to record "The Tiger And The Lighthouse" before I left Miami also has "Graduation" from Burnout on it.

The recording, at this point in my musical-sound technical career, is like, "wtf?" I can hear the 'speech enhancers' on Ringo doing their thing. It sounds *awful.* But I made it just last year, and it'll go on Burnout, and I'll make it sound as good as I can by compressing it and what not. At least that version of the recording is nice and bright. Although I now realize listening to it that, for copyright purposes, I took the alma mater out. I think it sounds better with it.

But this still makes me cry at the end. I realize what I weaved into the song, and it makes me both happy and sad at the same time. At the very end of Graduation, there are five chords that spelled out what I wanted for my future. None of that has happened. Though when I saw the end of the song, in my head, I saw the way the story was supposed to go. I do this a lot for my songs, and oftentimes, the first picture I get I'll consider a gift from God, a little tagline that I shouldn't take too seriously but I should use to inspire myself.

My tagline for "Graduation" involved me getting my degree and walking down off the platform, then seeing somebody I loved on the other side. He held out his hand, and I just cried, with a smile on my face. As I sniffled, the song ended, and I realized after I wrote it that the song had a bittersweet quality to it. Why I was crying, I might never know. But perhaps I was crying because I knew -- even then -- that somehow, I had what I wanted at that moment, and I knew it would all be to waste.

Good morning, my miko.

Jonathan's Lullaby ended up being written the same way, with a "tagline." But more on that in a minute.

I'd like to say a few words about the songs I've written for Almond Dust so far. Let's start with "The Tiger and the Lighthouse," which I actually wrote while I was still at Miami. In a way, "Tiger" plays the same role that "come alive" did at the beginning of Russian Mountain Nation -- it bridged a gap. "come alive" was written at the end of my high school career, the summer before I went to Miami; yet, it was included on RMN. Likewise, "taskana" was put in as an introduction interlude -- it was my way of saying "okay, we're done with that period of my life, moving on now." So "come alive" and "taskana" are *VERY* much like "Tiger" and "1:15:23" on Almond Dust. "Tiger" is my way of saying, "okay, let's start this sucker off." And "Tiger" fits my theme of this album, which is "What's your story, morning glory?" Each song on "Almond" is written for or about somebody else, other than the interludes (which I think there will just be 1:15:32). "Tiger" is written for Dylan, because he "is" a tiger, per se. I know it's not a perfect recording of "Tiger" that will be included on the volume, but it'll still be there. It's gonna be like my 'track 0,' a bonus track of sorts. I think it gives the image of me arriving at someplace, not sure of how or why I'm exactly there (which explains right now very well).

1:15:32 was an interlude track I wanted to write. After I moved, I put up my clock from Miami, and it stuck on 1:15:32 for a long time until I swapped the battery out. I felt like it represented what I was feeling, graduating from school and just going back to my hometown. I felt like I had failed myself in some way, and I wanted to express that chaoticness...while still being open to what the world might have for me. 1:15:32 includes motifs from Triangle (from Yes Yes Lord Amen! and Yellow) and The Tiger And The Lighthouse, which are very similar to each other in chordal structure. To me, 1:15:32 also represents stepping away from who I was at Miami and saying, "okay, we're done with that. Let's move on."

That brings me to "Broken," which is a song I wrote for my friend Jesse (you fuzzball!). If you know Jess, you know that, while he lives far away, he's very perceptive about things, and I wrote the song from his perspective, but I also put a lot of my own thoughts into it. It was written shortly before Midnight Rave -- the Garageband version puts it at about the 3rd of July.

I have all of these tracks and their order finalized -- The Tiger and the Lighthouse; 1:15:32; Broken; Midnight Rave. Broken will be followed on Almond Dust then by Midnight Rave, which I consider a beautiful mess. The story behind Midnight Rave is something that only I can fully understand, and it's about somebody who is very important to me (though I won't say who; TTR readers probably know). It's a beast of a song at five and a half minutes; I worked on it at the same time as Jonathan's Lullaby and while I was doing that I was like what the heck, this is a huge song. I just recently mastered it, though I've had the information for a while now. But I think I sang this track very well, and it will be effective. It'll be my one introspective, experimental track.

After Midnight Rave will probably be other tracks I haven't set down yet -- Mirror, which is the song with the lyrics I posted earlier, and a piano-only track called Things Will Change (written for somebody -- or a lot of somebodies). Fitting in there is Song of the Miko, which I have written on before.

The last track on Almond Dust will be "Jonathan's Lullaby," which is just that -- a lullaby that taps out at less than three minutes. It took me a while to write it -- it came in pieces. One of my coworkers is expecting, and the baby will be named Jonathan. I wanted to write something that she could sing to him at night. Surprisingly, though, God gave me a "tagline" for the lullaby. (On that note, Octane 93 -- Haru is gonna end with Prodigal's Lullaby. What's up with lullabies being the last word?) The tagline happens right after the guitar and the strings, the other two of the three instruments, fade out and it's just the piano. In this tagline, I see myself singing the song, weaving its colors, on a stage; then, after I'm done singing, I jump down from the stage, where someone else is waiting for me -- the person I started the album off with. He holds out his left hand, and I take it with my right. With that, we run off to the right of the stage, into a blinding light. This tagline is not bittersweet, but it is happy and lifting.

Almond Dust is officially getting its own tag. No, freaking seriously, people, this album is going to be awesome. Six tracks are done, and they all sound great. And, of course, I no longer want to sleep! Night turnover. (sigh)

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